Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kairos mission trip to Uganda 2013

be part of this mission trip 2013

 to Uganda and Southern Sudan

save a live

bridge hope

build the
for continued
ministry in
Rakai district,
build a
well and a
road, empower
women AND
preach, teach and

Friday, September 9, 2011

Visa requirement

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remain determined

A soldier's focus is walk ahead!
If you worry about situations around u bring in the Spiritual fence (self defence) you will always be an over come!!!
Everyone waking-up and going downtown to do what, taxi's, maxi's buses, planes,ships, trains, motorcycles,  bicycles, on highways, railways, seas all filled with people with different agendas, issues schedules,etc  We have a Mighty creator. And as I critically watched that here in the city gate of port of Spain it reminded me of the 2 drunkard men that were shout, (" look... She, she woooking wit she maaaada......) that took my attention laughed a bit because of the twang! Or the Trinidad accent

Saturday, March 19, 2011

women groups

kairos international is involved in clinical outreaches and sensitising women groups in africa about healthy issues.
in many african families, women are the "engineers" of the home.  they often carry a heavy load without much support: farming for the family's food, caretaker of the family's members, and often financial provider. kairos international is working hand in hand to assist these women in developing strategies to lighten their load while still fulfilling those needs.  when asked about the greatest change they would like to see in their lives, they say their desire is to eradicate poverty at the household level. 
through education, and support on every level we can join forces and enact change.
for more information contact us by dropping us a line at ( )

amongst the women groups kairos international organizes volunteers from across the world; professional teachers, doctors, nurses, statisticians, religious leaders, politicians, families and individuals who desire to minister, help and have a global experience.  we network these individuals and groups with indigenous peoples to effect change in both themselves and the communities in which they come to work.